The “Cloud Storage” technology which allows to store data on Telegram servers is admittedly a very necessary feature:
  • Total data-storage capacity is not limited
  • Available on any platform
  • Can be used at any time
  • Free
However, this feature is obviously not fully completed regarding the interface, because all information is shown as a general list in the Saved Messages chat, and there is no possibility to sort messages as you want it.
Our team has improved “Telegram Cloud Storage” that is shown as the Saved Messages chat in Telegram and changed chat’s name to Cloud.
Now it is more convenient to use the Telegram Cloud.


The Cloud home page is different from its standard view in Telegram. Now it includes automatic sorting of messages by their types according to the corresponding tabs.
Messages are displayed fully with the complete set of actions in tabs, but not in the preview form with limited actions like after in chat profile for viewing media files.


iMe Messenger has implemented the ability to sort all information in the Cloud by folders, or rather, by albums. Now you can store your messages, files, photos, videos, GIFs, stickers, etc., in the relevant albums with names and avatars. Albums can be displayed in alphabetical order or by the creation date.
To go to albums, tap the “ Starred Folder” at the Cloud upper right corner.
Album is your private storage, its interface is conveniently located in iMe Cloud. You can upload any information to albums, for example, photos, videos, movies, files, just text messages, etc., and this data will always be ready at hand.
Albums are created as modified private Telegram channels, that is why it is fully synchronized with all Telegram clients. All album information is stored only on Telegram servers, as well as all other information in every chat.
We have removed extra information from private channels, relieved the interface, and placed this feature in the Cloud so that users have quick and easy access to their stored information.
After creating an album, technically a private channel, it is archived by default in order not to be duplicated and to be lost in the general list of chats. That is why, if you log into your account via Telegram, you will find all your albums in the archive in the form of ordinary private channels.
On Android, when reinstalling iMe or logging in from a new device, you need to move your private channels to the Cloud manually or restore your settings backup copy. If you do not have a bacup copy, you can find necessary private channels in the archive and select "Convert to album" in 3 dots.
If you use iOS, there is no need to restore your Albums.
To save a message from a chat, you need to use the “Save to Cloud” button in the message options, when tapping it, you will see a window to select a specific album. Messages are saved to albums or Cloud without the author (Android).
There are no limits on the number of albums as well as private Telegram channels.


In iMe you have the ability to set a passcode on the Cloud.
  • To set password on Android
Go to the Cloud - 3 dots - password
  • To set password on iOS
Go to privacy settings - cloud password - set password
All these features allow you to put things in order in your Cloud, putting everything on the shelves.
Last modified 1yr ago