iMe Wallet

The iMe team has developed its own crypto wallet where you can buy, swap and store cryptocurrencies using ERC20 (Ethereum), BEP20 (BNB Chain) or Polygon network.

To create a wallet, you need:

Google services are linked to our common Telegram authorization bot @iMeWalletBot in iMe, which, in particular, is responsible for wallet activation. This is made for security purposes and inorder to protect Google API keys.

For our users, the use of all functionality is still FREE! All you need to do is to activate the wallet through our bot @iMeWalletBot at once. This does not oblige you to anything, but only makes it clear that you are using Google services as part of the iMe app.

  • Activate @iMeWalletBot bot: you can do it right in the wallet section

  • Create a password (at least 8 characters)

  • Create a PIN code (4-digit code)

  • Save a Seed phrase consisting of 12 / 24 words

Ready! Now you have your own wallet. Your wallet address is the same for all currencies (to see it, click on any token).

Now you can perform operations with cryptocurrencies and tokens: sending, replenishing an account, swapping, requesting a transfer, checking transactions, viewing a smart contract address and websites.

Cryptocurrencies and tokens

You can see the full list of supported tokens by going to the collaborations and partners sections to get acquainted with the projects of our partners. It also includes their social media. Or you can view them yourself in your wallet.


You can sort your tokens by name, by balances or by default. You can also customize the order of tokens yourself, as you see fit. It is possible to leave only tokens with a positive balance.

Deleting a wallet

If you wish, you can always reset your wallet, thus unbinding it from your Telegram ID. The wallet itself is not deleted because the iMe wallet is non-custodial. This means that your address still exists on the blockchain and you can always access your wallet via iMe or any other non-custodial wallet. But please note that when you reset your wallet, your address is unlinked from your Telegram ID and deleted from your device. You can always restore it or import it using your unique seed phrase (12/24 words) or import another wallet.

Android: Wallet -> Settings -> Crypto wallet account -> Three dots -> Reset account.

iOS: Wallet -> Settings -> Delete Wallet.

If you do not need a wallet to use at all, you can hide its section.

Android: Interface -> Menu Items -> Wallet -> Save.

iOS: Appearance -> Settings menu -> Wallet (hide section) or hold the wallet icon in the main menu -> hide.

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